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Chandpur Post Code | List of All Postal Code in Chandpur District


Here is the Chandpur Post Code list. In this post, we provide Chandpur Sadar Post Code, Puranbazar Post Code, Chandra Post Code, Faridganj Post Code, Bolakhal Post Code, Hajiganj Post Code, Rupsha Post Code, and Mohanpur Post Code Number.

Chandpur Post Code List

District Thana/Upazila Post Office Post Code
Chandpur Chandpur Sadar Chandpur Sadar 3600
Chandpur Chandpur Sadar Puranbazar 3601
Chandpur Chandpur Sadar Baburhat 3602
Chandpur Chandpur Sadar Sahatali 3603
Chandpur Faridganj Faridganj 3650
Chandpur Faridganj Chandra 3651
Chandpur Faridganj Rupsha 3652
Chandpur Faridganj Gridkaliandia 3653
Chandpur Faridganj Rampurbazar 3654
Chandpur Faridganj Islampur Shah Isain 3655
Chandpur Hajiganj Hajiganj 3610
Chandpur Hajiganj Bolakhal 3611
Chandpur Hayemchar Hayemchar 3660
Chandpur Hayemchar Gandamara 3661
Chandpur Kachua Kachua 3630
Chandpur Kachua Pak Shrirampur 3631
Chandpur Kachua Rahima Nagar 3632
Chandpur Kachua Shachar 3633
Chandpur Matlobganj Matlobganj 3640
Chandpur Matlobganj Mohanpur 3641
Chandpur Matlobganj Kalipur 3642
Chandpur Shahrasti UNKILA 3620
Chandpur Shahrasti Khilabazar 3621
Chandpur Shahrasti Pashchim Kherihar Al 3622
Chandpur Shahrasti Chotoshi 3623
Chandpur Shahrasti Islamia Madrasha 3624

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On this post, you get the postal code or postcode or zip code for the Chandpur district. We hope this post helps you to get your postcode. For more information about All Districts of Bangladesh, Please stay with us.  Finally, Thanks for reading this article.


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